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Working with the team at DC agency Adfero, I designed a brand and identity from the ground up for an organization on a mission to improve access to health care in developing countries. The client sought a brand that would speak to fellow NGOs, advocacy, and infrastructure organizations while rallying them around sustainable development goals. The overall purpose of this website is to serve as a platform and news source for various development and aid industry organizations.

My approach was to create a logo and wordmark that was a "workhorse" - legible in greyscale and at varying sizes, with very few visual or conceptual drop offs or liabilities. Conceptually, I took the idea of infrastructure and distilled it down to the minimum - shapes that evoke structures. I combined this idea with an abstraction and simplification of "G" "H" and "P" letters - The "G" became the red hexagon, the "H" became the dusty brown square, and the "P" (along with the placement near the square) became the golden circle. In total, the first two shapes evoke both the letters from our brand name and buildings, while the "P" evokes a rising sun; uniting the ideas of progress and infrastructure creation with a splash of hope, all communicated in a simple geometric logo.