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The client was struggling in their adaptation to digital mediums and sought to do so in a way that would enable them to sustain and grow the publication. I consulted in nearly every area of the client's business. Working directly with publisher Randy Shulman, I advised him toward strategic solutions that united the editorial, business, creative, and content areas of his magazine. I designed covers, feature story layouts, created photography, illustration, and client ads. Working hand-in-hand every day, and on a weekly print schedule, we created a diverse set of deliverables that were a key component of the publication's quality.

Better brand experience, primed for growth

Beyond creative development, I identified key areas of the client's business and brand practices that were brought up-to-date, streamlined, and designed to more effectively deal with today's digital media consumption and distribution landscape. This included a brand-new e-mail template, social media consultations, and a critical digital and social-first content capture and distribution plan authored and deployed during their coverage of the Capital Pride celebrations - a yearly, flagship issue for the brand. I also spearheaded the revision of client ad products - creating offerings that saw ad sales double in the month following their deployment.