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Branding, Web Design

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The client needed a new logo for their annual conference. They wanted a mark that was up to date and in line with their overall pre-existing brand; they also wanted something to push the boundaries of their current brand expression in order to speak to a younger and more diverse demographic. My approach was to create several logo options that would have visual/formal connections to the concept of exchange and interface.

The logo would also serve as a basis for some visual elements that could be extrapolated into other content for their conference; our team considered this added value for the client. Early in the project the client identified the "x" shape as a requirement for the final logo, in addition to it's placement inside the word "exchange." The resulting mark is made up of two intersecting, tinted prisms - their geometric integration augmented with color overlay/interaction effects to communicate the concept.

Internal Work

After our logo project wrapped, the client requested two different website designs that were to be used internally to get buy-in for more investment in brand work for the organization. The client wanted this design to explode the understanding of the AAMI brand as it was at the time; allowing for some radically divergent evolutions of what their brand could be.

Rejected Concept

This was my preferred logo from the branding part of this project - one of the few pieces I display from my graveyard. There are a number of subtle visual and formal extrapolations of the concept of exchange present in the logo that I thought worked really well - the variation and progression in the weight of the line, the color gradation, the slightly three-dimenstional effects where the paths intersect - overall I found this solution to be the most compelling and least expected.